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Criminal Investigation Division (2)

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) reviews every report submitted by a uniform officer to determine if it will be assigned to a detective for further investigation. Detectives are also called to the scenes of major crimes to coordinate on-scene investigations.

Every detective in the CID is trained to handle any kind of investigation. Detectives are chosen based on years of experience, as well as demonstrated ability to deal effectively with victims, witnesses, and suspects. New detectives go through an intensive in-house training program with a senior detective as mentor. Formal basic training in investigations may be up to 80 hours.

Detectives go on to receive extensive training in specialties, including death investigation, crime scene investigation, polygraph, drug and undercover investigations, and interview & interrogation. This investment in training ensures that Columbus has the most highly capable investigators available for any situation.

The Criminal Investigations Division handles a broad spectrum of cases:

  • Property crimes, such as theft, burglary, financial crimes, and arson.
  • Personal crimes, such as battery and robbery.
  • Sex crimes, such as rape, child molestation, and voyeurism.
  • Death investigations, including homicide, suicide, and accidental deaths.
  • Drug investigations, including any illegal drugs and emerging drug threats such as Spice.
  • Pharmaceutical diversion crimes, dealing with prescription fraud, doctor-shopping, and related offenses.
  • Juvenile offenses, such as alcohol offenses, truancy, incorrigibility, and curfew violations.
  • Domestic violence crimes, such as battery, confinement, and violation of protection orders.

The CID is overseen by aCaptain and run by a Lieutenant and two Sergeants.

Because we know a small percentage of the population commits a large percentage of the crime, a newly designated position is responsible for tracking repeat offenders. This detective monitors those who have frequent contact with law enforcement, and ensures successful investigations and prosecutions of those individuals.

Detectives work closely with a variety of federal, state, and local agencies, including:

  • Bartholomew County Prosecutor
  • Indiana State Police
  • Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department
  • Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS)
  • Indiana Conservation Officers
  • State Excise Police Officers
  • Office of the Indiana Attorney General
  • Bartholomew County Coroner
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)


In addition to investigating crimes, prevention is an important role of the Criminal Investigations Division. Liaisons provide a point of contact to key groups in the community to help deter crimes from happening and to partner for effective investigations of crimes that do occur. A retail liaison hosts quarterly meetings with asset protection personnel from Columbus area retail merchants. A fraud liaison meets with representatives of Columbus’ financial institutions. Domestic violence cases are reviewed by a detective liaison to Turning Point and the Bartholomew County Domestic Violence Action Team.

One position recently created is the Diversion Crimes Investigator. This detective primarily investigates all crimes related to the increasing national problem of prescription drug abuse. Because we know addiction contributes significantly to the overall crime rate in a community, this detective is dedicated to reducing crimes associated with the diversion of prescription medications from their legal purpose. The Diversion Crimes Investigator meets quarterly with local health care facility administrators to provide training and discussion about how to prevent diversion by healthcare professionals, and how to effectively investigate and prosecute those who commit diversion crimes while entrusted with a healthcare license.

Anotherspecialtyis crimes against the elderly. One detective is designated to specialize in situations where our older citizens are abused, neglected, and exploited. This detective works closely with the office of Adult Protective Services to share information and build effective cases against those who victimize one of the most vulnerable populations, the elderly.

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Criminal Investigation Division (3)


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Criminal Investigation Division (2024)
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